What is a Rolling Stop (“California Roll”)?

One of the most common traffic offenses in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Valley, and the Coast is the “California Roll.” Other places call this a rolling stop. A “California Roll” or rolling stop involves an individual failing to come to a complete stop, that is, all four wheels have ceased moving at a stop sign or red light that permits a right turn.

Unfortunately, it is easy to commit a rolling stop. Sometimes, a person finds him or herself in a hurry, or mistakenly thinks that their stop is complete. While the offense itself is so common that it begot a nickname, escaping the penalties associated with a California Roll is not so common.

Many people fail to realize that it is worth retaining an attorney to fight this simple moving violation. Why would you need an attorney for a rolling stop ticket? Because a ticket for a California Roll violation may be followed by a $238 fine, up to one point on a California driver’s license, and having a report sent to the violator’s insurance company.

Insurance Rates on a California Roll Violation:

An unanticipated consequence of obtaining a California Roll traffic citation is that your insurance rates could increase substantially. According to a study done by Insurance.com, which analyzed approximately 500,000 insurance figures, failing to stop or rolling stop violations are among the fifteen most common moving violations in the country.

Moreover, according to Forbes, a violator’s car insurance rates could increase as much as 19 percent for a simple rolling stop violation.

How to Fight a California Roll Ticket:

One option for battling a California Roll violation is to attend traffic school. Attending traffic school in the Bay Area, Valley or the Coast, however, is costly and inconvenient. Generally, the individual must take courses on nights and weekends, and must past a test in order to reclaim licensing privileges or to keep a violation off of his or her record.

The most effective option is to hire an experienced traffic ticket law firm. A law firm is best equipped to secure a reduced penalty or to get the ticket dismissed altogether. Lawyers well versed in fighting rolling stop violations understand how to use procedures, evidence, or argument about a lack of evidence to convince a court that a violation was not proven.

Considering that the costs of a rolling stop can be unexpectedly burdensome, speaking with staff at an experienced traffic ticket law firm may be in your best interest to avoid high insurance increases and high fines.

Call now for more information about a California Roll ticket and other moving violations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Valley, and the Coast.

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