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If you have been charged with a DUI, you might be wondering what will happen next. However, before you make that next step to speak with a respected DUI attorney in Folsom, it is important that you understand the full scope of the California DUI laws. Not all DUIs are the same and there are some factors that can greatly influence your case. For instance, it would be important to understand the difference between mitigating and aggravating factors. The first can be used by an experienced DUI lawyer to reduce the charges and their penalties against you. Some examples of mitigating factors include:

  • Your BAC or blood alcohol level (0.08 to 0.11%)
  • Roadside sobriety tests
  • Physical signs supporting the use of alcohol during DUI
  • Lack of impaired driving
  • Mental incapacitation during DUI


The latter references aggravating factors which could potentially make your case worse and make it more difficult for your DUI lawyer to negotiate a reduction in charges and penalties. However, Ticket Crushers law has encountered both of these factors and are well-equipped to deal with them, should they arise in your case. We have 40+ years of combined experience working with clients on their DUI cases and not all are the same. We are confident in our ability to achieve the best possible result in every situation and yours won’t be any different. Trust us to perform at our best and to aid you in your DUI arrest.

Aggravated DUI in Folsom

An aggravated DUI can pose to be a real problem as it carries a greater risk for upholding its harsh penalties and it is more cumbersome, compared to your average DUI offense, to talk down the charges against you. Usually, in these situations, the judge would be more inclined into enforcing the maximum consequences for an aggravated DUI and if negotiation is possible, it would require more effort. Some examples of circumstances that would warrant an aggravated DUI charge can be:

  1. High BAC – blood alcohol levels that exceed 0.15%
  2. Prior DUIs – having 2 or more DUI convictions
  3. Refusal of a blood or breath test – the law of implied consent is enforced in California which means you are required to take a chemical test
  4. Presence of Minor – if you were arrested for a DUI with a minor, 14 years or younger
  5. Multiple Injuries or Deaths – if your DUI involved a traffic accident with injury or death involving multiple people


Now, while these situations might potentially worsen the case against you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be impossible to win your case much in the same way that being charged with a DUI doesn’t mean you are convicted of one. The only way to fight an aggravated DUI charge is to hire an aggressive DUI attorney who has dealt with aggravated DUI offenses before. We understand what factors can influence an aggravated DUI and we can still work with your case and try for the best possible outcome for your case. We will not rest until we have done everything that we can for your situation.

Let Us Take Care of Your DUI in Folsom

As with first and repeat offenses, one such penalty that can be enforced for a DUI is the attendance and completion of a DUI program. For an aggravated DUI, one can expect to attend longer, more intensive classes, if the judge mandates it. Some examples of programs that you might be required to complete include:

  • 1 year of parenting classes should your DUI involve a minor
  • 9 month alcohol program should you refuse a chemical test
  • For high BAC levels, a 9 month alcohol program would also suffice


Regarding aggravated DUIs, we can not stress enough how serious these kinds of charges can be and that attempting to go it alone can only hurt your case more and potentially warrant you the mandated maximum penalties. These penalties might be an extended jail sentence, excessive fines, community service, and more. The last thing you want is to jeopardize your position by going solo. You need a skilled DUI attorney for this one and it could make the difference between reduced charges or the maximum penalties in California. The Ticket Crushers law firm sympathizes with your situation and understands that each client is innocent until proven guilty. We show no bias and will assist you with defending your rights.

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Facing an aggravated DUI arrest can be both overwhelming and frustrating to deal with especially if it involves multiple factors. You might feel there is no hope for you and that you might as well plead guilty and get it over with. But, you don’t have to give up. Our DUI attorneys have extensive knowledge of the California DUI laws and we will aggressively protect your rights.

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