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Drinking and driving is a serious offense that is punishable under California law. If your DUI arrest involves any aggravating factors, your DUI charge can be upgraded to an aggravated DUI charge which will come with heavy DUI penalties. These circumstances will not bode well for the individual and it can damage their criminal record, driving record, and their livelihood. There are many situations that can arise to warrant such a charge including:

  • Possessing 2-3 prior DUI offenses within a 10 year period
  • Being involved in a hit and run accident
  • Being on probation and committing another DUI
  • Being under the age of 21 upon committing DUI
  • Having a BAC of 0.20% or above


Driving under the influence offenses are one of the most common criminal charges in California. Being in such a situation can cause stress, frustration, and make any individual feel hopeless for their case. They might be ready to call it quits and admit guilt even if that is not the case. However, in times like this, you must remain strong in order to save your reputation and your well-being. This is why you need to rely on someone who can help. The Ticket Crushers law firm has 40+ years of combined experience handling aggravated DUI cases for a range of clients with varying circumstances. We assume that our clients are innocent until proven guilty and will pass no bias your way while we assist you.

Aggravated DUI Penalties in Elk Grove

When there are aggravating factors accompanying your DUI, most prosecutors will not allow any opportunity for plea bargaining and will most likely fight to push for additional penalties to your DUI conviction. Some situations that can arise from an aggravated DUI charge can be:

  • Serving a 4 day jail sentence for refusing a BAC chemical test as well as a 1 year suspension of your license.
  • Serving a 16 month prison sentence for a felony DUI.
  • Serving a 10 day jail sentence, having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, and paying additional fines for receiving a DUI while your license is suspended.
  • Serving 30 days in jail for additional child endangerment charges.


These situations only cover a fraction of what you could be faced with for an aggravated DUI. This is the reason why it is so crucial to your case that you consult with a qualified DUI attorney in Elk Grove as soon as possible. The consequences for this type of charge are serious and if you attempt to go it alone, you will only be met with a complicated system that will more than often work against you. The cost is too high to leave it to chance and instead, leave it to us. We understand the California DUI laws and have a deep understanding of the DUI process and are your best chance of winning your case.

Hire The Best To Help Win Your Case

When you are first arrested with a DUI, you might be confused as to what your first steps should be. This is understandable especially if this is your first offense or, if it isn’t, that you were represented by incompetent counsel and they didn’t guide you in the right direction. However, we can give you some simple tips to help you get started. These include:

  1. Exercise your rights during the arrest.
  2. Keep any and all documentation provided to you by the arresting officer.
  3. Try and record everything you can remember about the day of your DUI arrest including conversations between you and the officer and the actions of you and the officer.
  4. Schedule your DMV hearing within the 10 day period.
  5. Contact the Ticket Crushers law firm.


By performing each of these steps, you can ensure that you will be set when we proceed with your case. We will have all the necessary information that we need and we will be able to use it to our advantage by finding potential inconsistencies in the arresting officer’s actions or conversations with you. This will allow us to build a solid strategy to properly defend you during your DMV hearing and in the courtroom.

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The DUI process can be a scary, complex road to navigate especially alone. However, you don’t have to as long as you have a skilled DUI attorney by your side along the way. We understand your situation and sympathize with its circumstances and all we desire is for you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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