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The experienced team of attorneys at Ticket Crushers represents a diverse portfolio of clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Area and Southern California in felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. Additionally, our team of attorneys handle numerous traffic infractions, defending drivers every day in court.

At Ticket Crushers, we have two San Francisco Bay Area offices located in San Francisco and San Jose. Our Southern California office is located in downtown Los Angeles.

Our commitment is to criminal and traffic defense, focusing on zealous advocacy of clients and providing the most effective defenses possible. When you hire an attorney at Ticket Crushers, you have the peace of mind knowing that an experienced team of attorneys is behind you.

Our attorneys provide a free consultation either over the phone or in the office. Call 1-866-TICKET-HELP to discuss your case and find out what you need to do right now to protect your rights after a criminal accusation or a citation for a traffic violation.

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