Correctable Violations (“Fix-It” Tickets) in San Francisco

If you have a “Correctable Violations” often called the “Fix-It Tickets” then contact Ticket Crushers to get the citation crushed. We can present the proof of correction to fix the ticket. Many traffic ticket issued in San Francisco are “correctable violation” or a “fix-it” tickets. Your “Notice to Appear” should have the “yes” box checked below “Correctable Violation.” Keep in mind that delinquent citations are not eligible for compliance and the citations must be paid in full.

Additionally, a courtesy notice sent by the Traffic Court in San Francisco may explain that you can pay for the violation or simply show proof of correction. If you show proof of correction, your attorney can help you resolve the citation by just paying a dismissal fee so that the court will dismiss the relevant charge.

Correctable violations issued in San Francisco include:

  • “No plates” under California Vehicle Code 5200;
  • Expired/missing registration tags” under California Vehicle Code 5204A;
  • No Tabs / Expired Tabs under V5204A) – Place the current tab in the appropriate location on the rear plate. If you do not have the current tab, go to to the DMV immediately to replace it or have new tabs issued.
  • No Front / Back Plate (V5200) – Mount plate(s) in the appropriate location on the front / rear bumper. If you do not have a front / rear place then go to the DMV immediately to replace it or have new places issued.
  • Plates Mounting (V5201) – Mount plate(s) in the appropriate location on the front / rear bumper.
  • Plate Cover (V5201F) – Remove the plate cover.
  • Insurance violations—when the officer said you failed to provide proof of insurance even though you actually insurance coverage at the time the citation was issued.
  • Car registration violations—which can include expired registration if you had registration but the officer said you did not present it;
  • Driver’s license violations—when you did not have a valid driver’s license with you when the citation was issued because it was expired; or
  • Equipment violations—when you were cited for an equipment violation but now have proof that the equipment has been fixed (for example, when a tail light was broken).

By fixing the problem, we can get an authorized person to sign the “Certificate of Correction” part of your ticket. We then take the proof of correction to the court and pay the dismissal fee before the deadline. We then check your ticket or contact the court to see if the court accepts proof of correction by mail. Or your attorney can set the case for a hearing to ask the court to dismiss the ticket. If the ticket is dismissed, then it will not go on your driving record.

We then take the ticket with proof of correction to the court before the deadline listing on the citation so that the citation can be dismissed.

Getting Your Proof though a “Certificate of Correction” Signed

The attorneys at Ticket Crushers in San Francisco can help you get the (citation) signed by an authorized person. Let our experienced traffic ticket attorneys in San Francisco help you crush that citation. Call 1 (866) 842-5384 today.

If your attorney provides proof of correction for a specified violation of the Vehicle Code, then under Section 40303.5, your attorney can get the citation dismissed upon proof of correction. To get the citation dismissed, your attorney must show that none of the following conditions of exist under Rule 850, California Rules of Court; Vehicle Code section 40610(b)). Those conditions include:

  1. The violator does not agree to or cannot promptly correct the violation.
  2. The violation represents an immediate safety hazard;
  3. Evidence of fraud or persistent neglect;

An attorney can help you determine which Certifying Agency can certify your violation as having been corrected. The court clerk in San Francisco, or the DMV will certify registration and drivers license violations. Due to specialized training required for equipment requirements, many commercial vehicle violations are not inspected by Court Services Division. For those citations, your attorney will help you obtain proof of correction from the agency that issued the citation (often called the “issuing agency”) or the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

In San Francisco, some violations handled by Court Services Division require a certificate from an Official Smog, Headlamp or Brake Station. You can find inspection stations in the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) at or the telephone book yellow pages under “automotive repair, headlamp and brake inspection station” for inspection stations. Find the Vehicle Code sections at

Official Inspection Station Certification

An official inspection station certification is required for the following offenses:

24003           Vehicle With Unauthorized Lamps Sheriff Required
24252(a–c)   Maintenance of Lamps and Devices Required   Sheriff   Required
24253(a)   Battery Requirements for Vehicle—Lighting Equipment   Sheriff   Required
24253(b)   Battery Requirements for Motorcycle—Lighting Equipment   Sheriff   Required
24400   Headlamp Requirements   Sheriff   Required
24402(a,b)   Auxiliary Driving and Passing Lamps Specifications   Sheriff   Required
24403   Fog Lamps Not to Be Used in Place of Headlamps   Sheriff   Required
24404(a,b)   Spotlamps—Number and Wattage Specified   Sheriff   Required
24404(c,e)   Spotlamps—Direction Defined   Sheriff   Required
24407(a)      High Beams —Adjustment Specified   Sheriff   Required
24407(b)   Low Beams—Adjustment Specified   Sheriff   Required
24410(a)   Single Beams—Adjustment/Intensity Specifications   Sheriff   Required
24600(a–f)   Tail Lamp Requirements and Specifications   Sheriff   Required
24602(a,b)      Fog Tail Lamp Requirements and Specifications   Sheriff   Required
24603(a–g) Stop Lamp Requirements and Specifications   Sheriff   Required
24606(a,b,d) Backup Lamp Requirements and Specifications   Sheriff   Required
24606(c) Backup Lamps—When Not to Be Lighted   Sheriff   Required
24609           Vehicle Reflector Requirements and Specifications   Sheriff   Required
24610 Truck Reflector Requirements and Specifications   Sheriff   Required
24952           Visibility Requirement of Signals   Sheriff   Required
25102           Lamps on Sides of Vehicles—Specifications   Sheriff   Required
25650           Motorcycle Headlight Requirements   Sheriff   Required
25650.5 Headlight Equipment for Post-1978 Motorcycles   Sheriff   Required
25651(a,c) Headlamp Requirements on Motor-Driven Cycles   Sheriff   Required
25803(a,b) Lamp/Reflector Requirements—Certain Vehicles   Sheriff   Required
25803(c) Lamp/Reflector/Flag Requirements—Load in Excess of 100-Inch Outside Width   Sheriff   Required
25805 Lamps on Forklift Trucks Required   Sheriff   Required
25950(a,b) Color Requirements of Lights Visible to Front and Rear   Sheriff   Required
25951 Lamps Over 300 Candlepower—Restrictions   Sheriff   Required
26451(a–c) Parking Brake Requirements Defined   Sheriff   Required
26452 Adequate Brakes After Engine Failure Required   Sheriff   Required
26453 Condition of Brakes to Be Maintained   Sheriff   Required
26454(a,b) Control and Stopping Requirements Specified   Sheriff   Required
26457 Stopping Ability of Certain Vehicles Specified   Sheriff   Required
26458(a) Braking System Required for Certain Vehicles/Combinations   Sheriff   Required
26502(a) Airbrake Requirements Specified   Sheriff   Required
26503 Airbrake Safety Valve to Be Maintained in Good Condition   Sheriff   Required
26505 Pressure Gauge Required   Sheriff   Required
26506(a) Air Pressure Warning Device Required   Sheriff   Required
26507 Check Valve Required   Sheriff   Required
26520 Vacuum Gauge Required to Be Visible and Accurate at All Times   Sheriff   Required
26521 Audible/Visible Power Brake System Warning Device Required   Sheriff   Required
26522 Check Valve Required on Vacuum-Assisted Power Brake Systems   Sheriff   Required

Additional Resources

Correctable Violations (“Fix-It” Tickets) in California – Visit the website of the California Courts, the Judicial Branch of California to find out more about the Correctable Violations (Fix-It Tickets) and Getting Proof of Correction.

Parking Citation in San Francisco – Go to the website of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency if you were cited for a parking violation or “fix-it” compliance ticket in the City and County of San Francisco. For example, if you were issued a citation for a compliance violation then your attorney can provide proof of correction by having any California law enforcement officer sign the back of the ticket or, if you no longer have the ticket, complete the Proof of Correction Form.

SFMTA Customer Service Center
ATTN: Compliance Tickets
11 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103

Information on Moving Violation Citations from the San Francisco Police Department – Visit the website of the City and County of San Francisco to find information on parking citations and moving violations in San Francisco.

Moving Violations in the San Francisco Traffic Court Division – If you were cited for a moving violation in the City and County of San Francisco, then the citation is processed by:

Superior Court of San Francisco
Traffic Division
Hall Of Justice
850 Bryant Street, Room 145
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 551-8550

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