Adam Cohen, Esq.

Managing Partner

Adam started law school at Loyola in Los Angeles with far different goals than owning California’s premier DUI and Traffic defense firm; he wanted to be a sports agent.  However, once he was in law school, he was able to secure an internship with the District Attorney’s Office.  Working in the felony unit, he was able to become one of the only interns to have ever “first chaired” a felony trial.  In fact, his first court appearance was in front of Judge Lance Ito of the OJ Simpson case.  It was during that hearing that he realized what having the full weight of the government come down on someone really meant, and the spark to pursue justice was ignited.  After graduating school, Adam was hired in the Domestic Violence Unit at the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.  Seeing how unfairly the government operated, he knew he belonged on the other side of the courtroom, being a voice for the voiceless.  

Seeing a need for affordable representation in the Bay Area, Adam moved to San Francisco to start Ticket Crushers.  Adam’s vision to provide top level representation for all levels of offense filled a void in the legal community.  As a result, in just 7 years, Adam took the firm from a local office, to California’s largest DUI and Traffic Defense firm; as the dismissals kept rolling in, the Firm kept growing.  

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