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A DUI arrest can be a irritating situation for any individual. The DUI process is complicated and you will most likely have questions on what will happen pending your DUI charge. To get your questions answered, you need someone qualified to answer them. The Ticket Crushers law firm has 40+ years of experience assisting clients with their DUI convictions and we know too well the DUI process and the steps that occur including arraignment, the DMV hearing, the DUI laws, DUI penalties for each offense and more. We can answer your questions and review your case to discuss your options and how we can help you.

The penalties for a DUI conviction are serious depending on whether this is your first offense or a repeat offense including jail, DUI school, fines, and court probation. With each repeat offense, the penalties increase as well as the addition of penalties and the likelihood that a DUI will be a felony charge rather than a misdemeanor. A DUI conviction can be severe especially if you were involved in a traffic accident and there were injuries or deaths involved. This can have a serious impact on your case and, at this point, it would be even more necessary to get in touch with a qualified, trusted DUI lawyer.

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Can I Get My DUI Expunged in Oakland?

In 2012, there were a total of 172,893 DUI arrests in California with 133,525 results in actual DUI convictions. Even after completing all DUI penalties enforced for your DUI conviction, it can still have a lasting effect on your criminal and driving record. In California, a DUI conviction will eventually fall off your driving record after a period of 10 years. However, the only way to remove a DUI conviction from your criminal record is to have it expunged. In some states, the ability to expunge a DUI conviction is non-existent or at least doable depending on the circumstances. In California though, you can get your DUI expunged as long as you have met the requirements to be eligible.

To receive a DUI expungement, you must first fulfill the requirements of probation, fulfill any jail sentence, if you received one, and refrain from receiving any more charges, for a DUI or otherwise. Once you are eligible to expunge your DUI, you then must file a petition with the courts at which point a judge will review the petition. If he determines that your DUI can be expunged, then he will make the necessary alterations to your guilty plea and remove the DUI from your criminal record. However, do note that a DUI expungement will not overturn a driver’s license suspension or revocation but it will clean up your criminal record, making it easier for you to find employment and to avoid excessive auto insurance premiums.

Avoid a DUI in Oakland With An Experienced DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for drinking and driving in Oakland, the DUI lawyers at the Ticket Crushers law firm can help. Our combined experience, deep understanding of the DUI laws, and our compassionate yet aggressive approach can benefit your case. We will advise you on the best course of action to take concerning your case and defend your rights during the hearing. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a DUI on their record which comes with hefty penalties. They are at the mercy of the judge who can enforce any number of these penalties depending on your case.

However, our law firm has a plethora of DUI defenses at our disposal that we can use to aid with your case which can include challenging the validity of any tests performed, the actions of the law enforcement officer, and whether or not you possessed a medical condition that could have altered your BAC test results. Our mission is to provide you with satisfactory results for your case and while we can’t guarantee any specific result, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you get a fair judgement for your case.

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For a DUI case, there is no substitute for a quality legal defense. If you have been charged with a DUI, you need to act quickly as the process will move along from the time of your arrest. You might feel that there is nothing you can do at this point and this is simply not true. By contacting a DUI lawyer immediately, you can turn the tide on your case and avoid any pitfalls later on.

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