Turn Violations

Some of the most common traffic tickets involve turn violations. Turn violations are arguably some of the easiest roadway rules to forget. In addition, there are multiple ways to commit a turn violation.

Many times, a turn is illegal because the maneuver that a person attempts to make is against the law. Other times, the circumstances under which the turn occurred made it illegal. Some of the most common turn violations include the following.

  • Illegal left turns
  • Illegal red light turns
  • Illegal U-Turns
  • Failure to Signal

Illegal turns are generally categorized as moving violations. The ticket costs for moving violations range from about $200-$400, including all penalties and fees assessed.

Before paying an illegal turn ticket or appearing in traffic court, contact an experienced California Traffic Ticket Attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California (Los Angeles) for more information about fighting illegal turn tickets.

Illegal U-Turns:

Often times, illegal U-Turns occur when a person decides to take a risk and turn despite a “No U-Turns” sign. California law also regulates where a U-Turn may be made, based on how a particular area is zoned.

The California Vehicle code allows a person to make a U-Turn at an intersection or clearly marked opening on a street in a business district. It is illegal, however, for a person to make a U-Turn in a residential area when another vehicle is approaching from either direction within a 200 feet distance, unless the maneuver is performed at a traffic light.

Red-light Turns:

Unless there is a sign that says, “No Turn On Red,” then it is generally acceptable to make a turn at a red light. A driver must still follow protocol. Upon approaching a red light, a driver must come to a full and complete stop, yield to pedestrians and traffic with the right of way, and then proceed to make a turn.

Foregoing any of these procedural steps could cost a person upwards of $200, after all fines and penalties are assessed.

Turning violations like improperly making a left turn could also cause a driver to incur points on his or her California driver’s license. Having additional points on a driver’s license can have alternate consequences apart from the financial costs.

Many auto insurance companies look at a person’s driving record, including points assessed when determining insurance costs and premiums. If you already have insurance, getting additional points for a turning violation could also cause insurance increases.

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