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If you have been arrested for a first or second DUI offense, the DUI penalties can be substantial with risk of:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Mandatory DUI school
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Probation


With a 3rd DUI arrest, these penalties are magnified and the stigma can be more problematic than the first two times. If you try to handle this alone, you will have a difficult time trying to fight the charges and can end up receiving the maximum penalties. To avoid this situation from occurring, you need the assistance of a skilled DUI lawyer in Pleasanton.


It doesn’t matter if you are still on probation for your 2nd DUI offense or if you were dealing with an inexperienced DUI attorney previously, we can review your case and discuss your options to reach the best possible outcome for your case. The Ticket Crushers law firm has 40+ years of combined experience with California DUI laws and have extensive knowledge of the DUI process. We understand the frustration of a 3rd DUI offense and believe that every client is innocent until proven guilty.

3rd DUI Offense in Pleasanton

Most drinking and driving offenses are misdemeanors so long, however, certain circumstances such as injury and receiving 4 or more prior DUIs can result in a DUI being upgraded to a felony. A DUI is considered a priorable offense meaning that the DUI penalties are escalated with each new offense. For a 3rd DUI arrest, the penalties can include:

  1. 30 months of DUI school
  2. County jail sentence of 120 – 365 days
  3. 3 years of license suspension or revocation with eligibility to convert to a restricted license after 18 months
  4. Fines of $390 – $1,000


The possibility of facing jail time due to a 3rd DUI offense can be a ominous thought but there are alternatives to jail, should they be enforced by the court, that can be used in place of mandatory county jail time. One such alternative that can be requested is house arrest. However, this greatly weighs on the discretion of the judges and how well we can convince them to use this as an alternative. Another consequence that can be potentially harmful to your livelihood concern some recent changes in California DMV regulations. Recently, certain changes have gone into effect where the DMV will attempt to suspend your driver’s license permanently should they deem you unfit to drive due to alcoholism.

This is why it is very important that you meet with an experienced DUI lawyer in Pleasanton as soon as you are arrested. We can assist you with scheduling your DMV hearing and represent you on your behalf so that this doesn’t become a reality. We can negotiate with the DMV and the courts to reduce your penalties, give you back your license, and avoid any jail time, if possible. We have an in-depth understanding of how these hearings work and can find pitfalls in the DUI investigation and use these to our advantage for your case.

Why You Need A Trusted DUI Lawyer in Pleasanton

Some persons might be tempted to try and handle their DUI arrest on their own. However, there is a cycle of misinformation that circulates throughout this process that can lead you in the wrong direction and cost you your case – leaving you to pay the maximum penalties, serve jail time, and tarnish your driving and criminal record. This is why you need a respected DUI attorney who is confident in their ability to defend your rights and who has reputable DUI defenses at their disposal. Some of these mentioned defenses include:

  • Medical conditions altering chemical tests.
  • Law non-compliance at DUI sobriety checkpoint.
  • Law enforcement didn’t actually see you driving while under the influence.
  • Lack of evidence for mental impairment during stop due to DUI.
  • Simple explanations for supposed physical impairment.


At Ticket Crushers law, we have put these tried-and-true DUI defenses to the test and helped numerous clients achieve the best possible outcome for their case. We are well respected in the Pleasanton area and know what to expect from the DUI process. The last thing we want is to put your livelihood in jeopardy with practices that don’t work. We sympathize with your situation and are determined to assist you with this ordeal and to help you rise above it and, if possible, victorious.

The DUI Lawyers at Ticket Crushers Law serve clients in the Pleasanton area

Having to deal with another DUI offense can be a huge obstacle to overcome. You face the possibility of receiving the full force of the law and might even feel there is no hope for your situation. However, with our DUI attorneys at your side, you have a better chance of reducing your penalties or even getting your case dismissed versus if you went it alone. Call us today and we will review your case.

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