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If you have been charged with a DUI in El Dorado County (Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Shingle Springs, South Lake Tahoe) it can seem like a hopeless situation. You are nervous of the impending DMV and court hearings and how they will turn out in your case. They can either end up in a positive result which can maintain your reputation and your record or it can end badly with you facing DUI penalties and a tarnished record. For your case, there are many ways it can turn out including:

  • Your case can be dismissed whether by lack of evidence or the lack of a witness showing up for your court hearing.
  • You acting on your rights which can result in a DUI conviction, an acquittal of all charges, or a hung jury.
  • A plea bargain where a DUI lawyer and prosecutor will negotiate a deal.

These outcomes can either give you hope or leave you feeling bleak considered the extremes that your case can take. Either you can get off without an issue, get a reduced charge, or you can get the full brunt of the law with a DUI conviction. However, you shouldn’t give up just yet. Our DUI lawyers in El Dorado County are more than qualified to handle such situations as this and we have decades of experience working with the court system including prosecutors. With us on your side, you have a chance to win your case by using the best defenses for DUIs that are available and by using evidence to our advantage.

DUI Plea Bargains in El Dorado County

If we do decide that a plea bargain is the best option for your case, there are several alternate settlements that can be determined for your case. They usually deal with a reduction in charges or, in a best case scenario, a complete dismissal in DUI charges. However, do keep in mind that while these are indeed possible, it would depend on the specifics of your case and on the actors of the court where you were arrested. Some of these alternatives can include:

  1. Moving violations such as speeding
  2. Agreeing to a reckless driving charge (alcohol related reckless driving)
  3. Dismissal of charges
  4. Exhibition of speed
  5. Agreeing to dry reckless (non-alcohol related reckless driving)

There are some advantages of getting your DUI charge reduced to one of the above, if that is the result of your case, versus having a full DUI conviction on your record. For instance, if you were to obtain a wet reckless conviction, there wouldn’t be a mandatory driver’s license suspension as well as you could avoid having to fill out the SR22 insurance form. If you are one who holds a profession such as a doctor or real estate agent, this type of offense would look better on your record when compared to a DUI conviction. While the best possible outcome for a DUI case would be to dismiss all charges, sometimes this isn’t the case and there are limits to what can be done. By hiring an experienced DUI attorney, you have a better chance fairing with the courts than on your own.

How Can We Help With Your DUI Case

The last thing you want to do when facing a DUI charge is to panic and end up making a decision that you might regret. Instead, make a smart choice now and hire a qualified DUI lawyer as soon as you are arrested so that we can help you as much as we can. The DUI process moves relatively quickly and once time runs out for a particular step, there is only so much that we can do at that point in time. Make sure that you record everything that happens that day so that we have enough evidence to build your case.

The prosecutor will be relentless in your case and make every effort to get you convicted of a DUI. However, by working with us from the start, you have a better chance of getting the best possible outcome for your case and possibly avoiding the maximum penalties for your DUI charge. At Ticket Crushers Law, we have decades of experience working with clients all over El Dorado County (Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Shingle Springs, South Lake Tahoe) to help them with their DUI cases. We want to help you with yours but you must act quickly before it is too late.

The DUI Lawyers at Ticket Crushers Law serves clients in the El Dorado County area

A drinking and driving offense can stick around for a long time to haunt you well after the case is over, that is, if you ended up receiving a DUI conviction. However, this doesn’t have to always be the end result and there are other ways that your case can turn out. We have dealt with a variety of circumstances in our clients’ cases and we are well prepared for anything that can come our way. Give us a call and let us help you with your DUI case today.

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