DUI Lawyer in Palo Alto

A DUI arrest can become problematic for any individual. DUI charges come with serious DUI penalties that can wreak havoc on a person’s driving record, criminal record, and livelihood. However, if you commit a second DUI offense, these penalties can become more severe and carry more weight on your record. Not only can you expect some mandatory jail time but you are also looking at up to 2 years without your driver’s license. You could potentially:

  • Lose your job and prevent yourself from obtaining sufficient employment.
  • Increase your auto insurance premiums each year.
  • Lose your license if you don’t act fast which can make it difficult to get to work and commute around for errands.
  • Tarnish your reputation and alienate you from friends and family who might not understand your situation.

The last thing any person wants is to face the criticism and stereotype of being a person who has a problem if they are accused of multiple DUI offenses. This is why you need to enlist the help of a respected DUI lawyer in Palo Alto. The Ticket Crushers law firm has 40+ years of combined experience operating in California and has assisted numerous clients with their DUI cases. We have extensive knowledge of the California DUI laws and can navigate with ease the DUI process. At this moment in your life, you need someone you can trust, trust us to help you.

2nd DUI in Palo Alto

In California, the first three offenses for a DUI are considered misdemeanors. They are known as priorable offenses since the penalties are escalated with each new offense. The DUI penalties one can expect from a 2nd DUI would be:

  1. Fines between $390 to $1,000.
  2. DUI school for a period of 18-30 months.
  3. County Jail time of 96 hours to 1 year.
  4. A period of 2 years for driver’s license suspension or revocation. After 12 months, you have the option to convert to a restricted license.

After receiving a DUI arrest, you have 10 calendar days to request a DMV hearing to avoid losing your license so you would need to act quickly to possibly avoid that 2 year suspension period. In regards to your driving record, any DUI conviction will eventually disappear from your driving record, not your criminal record, after a 10 year waiting period. During the DMV hearing, it would be wise to have a DUI attorney represent you as legal counsel is allowed. Preferably, let us do the work for you so we can prepare all the evidence for your case as the DMV will request it. This tactic would be your best chance at convincing the California DMV to return your license to you, even after a 2nd DUI arrest.

Dealing with a drinking and driving arrest can be a wary ordeal and can cause many problems down the road. However, just because you were arrested and charged doesn’t automatically lead to a DUI conviction. At the Ticket Crushers law firm, we believe that all of our clients are innocent until proven guilty and we will defend your rights, aggressively if necessary, to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Should I Hire A DUI Attorney in Palo Alto?

The DUI process is a difficult road to navigate especially if this is your first offense and you don’t know where each step will take you. There are deadlines you must meet, evidence you must gather, and during the hearings, you must be cunning, strategic, and careful with how you speak and act. This would be a complicated effort if you were to go it alone. However, you won’t have to with a respected, qualified DUI lawyer in Palo Alto. The Ticket Crushers law firm has 40+ years of combined experience with handling DUI arrests from start to finish.

We know each step, each deadline, what evidence to look for, and how to conduct ourselves during the meetings. We have assisted many other clients with their cases who have had different circumstances, or the same, as you. We are knowledgeable of the California DUI laws and understand them very well. To best defend your rights, we have suitable DUI defenses that have proven time and time again to work including:

  • Errors in breathalyzer tests
  • Poor driving rather than a DUI
  • Law enforcement misconduct during DUI investigation
  • Errors in blood tests
  • Lack of Miranda rights being read during DUI arrest

The DUI Lawyers at Ticket Crushers Law serves clients in Palo Alto (San Mateo County)

With a 2nd DUI offense, the consequences you are facing are serious and can be quite stressful to deal with. We understand the legal consequences you are facing and know exactly how to handle them. Our philosophy is that you are innocent until proven guilty and we intend to protect your rights by fighting for you in court and at the DMV hearing and to attempt to reduce the penalties you will face or to dismiss your case if possible.