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Marijuana DUI - California DMV Cannabis Study

The Research & Development Branch of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV R&D) is conducting a research project regarding cannabis-impaired driving. Drug impaired driving has been a violation for many years. However, most impaired driving incidents involve alcohol. Further research is  needed about the effects of marijuana and driving. For this research project, the DMV is recruiting about 300 volunteer participants! You read that right…

The study begins this month and it is estimated it will be completed in 9 to 18 months.

The study will focus on two areas: investigating the effects of cannabis consumption on driving abilities and the validity of the various methods that police officers currently use to detect when a driver is driving under the influence of cannabis.

So you’re interested in participating, now what? Well the research team will ask participants to smoke a real doobie, a fake one, or none. They will then ask the participant to complete a series of driving, cognitive, and behavioral observations and assessments. Participants will also have their blood drawn three times during the session so if you’re afraid of needles this project is not for you. 

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Updated: 9/13/2023