Speeding Tickets under CVC 22349(a)

If you were issued a speeding ticket for violating CVC 22349(a), then contact an attorney in San Francisco at Ticket Crushers. Our attorneys represent clients on traffic tickets throughout the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Speeding tickets for violation of Section 22349(a) of the California Vehicle Code are one of the most common types of traffic tickets issued in San Francisco, California. Many of these tickets are issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) or officers with the San Francisco Police Department.

A violation of CVC 22349 occurs when a driver violates California’s Maximum Speed Limit Law by driving over 65 mph on a roadway that is not posted for 70 mph. In general, Section 22349(a) applies if the roadway is not a divided highway or an undivided highway with multiple traffic lanes in each direction (not including passing lanes).

A violation of Section 22349(a) may also occur on roadways that are considered urban streets within the City of San Francisco. If a driver exceeds 65 mph on a multi-lane roadway on a city street, then the driver may be issued a speeding ticket for the violation of vehicle code section 22349(a) instead of receiving a ticket for a violation of CVC 22349(b) or CVC 22350.

Finding a Speeding Ticket Attorney in San Francisco, CA

If you were cited for violating CVC 22349(a) then contact an experienced San Francisco traffic ticket attorney to help you. Our traffic ticket attorneys know how to fight cases when the officer claims to have used Radar or Lidar (also known as LIDAR, LiDAR or LADAR). With each speed enforcement method, our attorneys know the best way to fight the citation. We understand the different speed enforcement techniques and the technical requirements for each one.

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