Safety Shot Launches New Rapid Alcohol Detoxification Product in Hangover Remedies Market

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There’s a new beverage on the market, called Safety Shot, claiming to reduce your BAC by half after having a few drinks.  With claims like that, it sold out on Amazon earlier this month on the day it was released.  According to Safety Shot Inc., the beverage has been developed by a team of seasoned industry experts. 

Described as a nutraceutical, the beverage utilizes ingredients to optimize the metabolic pathways responsible for breaking down blood alcohol levels. The ingredients also purport to create a protective barrier around the stomach, preventing residual alcohol absorption into the body. According to the company, not only does the drink assist in lowering BAC, it also promotes hydration. Although it is being marketed to help with that wicked hangover after a night of drinking, many are claiming it can help you avoid a DUI by getting you back under the legal limit after about 30 minutes.  

Safety Shot falls under a category called nutraceuticals.  Due to that categorization, it does not fall within the regulatory requirements of the FDA.  As a neutraceutical, Safety Shot Inc. also claims that the beverage can improve mental well being.

According to Safety Shot, blood alcohol was reduced by .079% per hour.  If their studies are correct, that means someone that is over the legal limit could drink Safety Shot in order to reduce their BAC to a level that would fall below “impairment.”

As a lawyer, I am always skeptical of claims that are “too good to be true.” If a client came to me asking if they should drive after a night of drinking, followed by a can of safety shot, I would advise against it. Relying on an unproven solution when your safety and liberty are on the line would be a bad idea. As always, people should drink responsibly in order to avoid finding themselves in an undesirable situation. And in the event someone overindulges, I suggest the easiest method to prevent a DUI…get an uber, or always have a designated driver.

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Updated: 12/10/2023