Personal Injury

Cohen & Associates is focused on securing compensation for clients who are the victim of personal injury. We aggressively pursue settlements to make our clients whole, receiving the full financial compensation they deserve.

This area of law is complex. Experienced personal injury attorney Christopher D’Anjou has well over a decade of experience in this filed. Our legal team is familiar with the details of traffic laws and auto-related issues that so often arise in these cases.
Pursuing a legal claim requires diligence. We quickly identify what makes your case viable in court, gathering evidence to support your claim, negotiating with the opposing attorneys, and advocate for you to ensure your legal rights are honored by insurers, negligent parties, and the courts.
All claims matter, and each client is unique. Even if your injuries seem minor, we will inform you how to fully account for health problems and any pain and suffering that arise from the accident.

Personal injuries caused by car accidents can go far beyond lacerations and bruising, and commonly involve broken bones, spinal cord trauma, and skull fractures. Medical examinations may prove that the accident has left you permanent disabled. Money can be awarded for disfiguring injuries, scarring, and the anguish these bring. Of course, the court also award compensation for the pain itself, past and future, caused by the accident. Not all injuries are entirely physical. Automobile accidents may damage mental health: long-lasting panic, anxiety, depression, and grief — leaving you unable to enjoy life as you did prior to the crash. Auto accidents may also damage personal relationships. When a person is suddenly unable to provide help, solace, and companionship to a partner after an accident, compensation will be awarded when appropriate. Losing a loved one in an auto accident may mean receiving compensation for the irreplaceable comfort of the deceased.

If insurance fails to pay for all of the medical bills caused by an accident, we sue for the difference. These bills include hospital and emergency room charges, ambulance fees, medical equipment, physical therapy, and health care appointments. Lost wages covers money you would have earned if your injury prevented you from working. Lost earning capacity compensation addresses situations when your ability to earn money in the future has changed because of the accident. Household services can be paid for as well, from home health care to being forced to hire outside help to maintain your home as it was before your accident, We can also recover for future medical expenses to be paid in the years to come. If the parties responsible for the auto accident were especially negligent, careless, or reckless in their actions, punitive damages on top of all other compensation may be awarded to you to punish the defendant.

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