DUI Checkpoints in Bay Area for Labor Day 2015

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DUI Checkpoints - California

With Labor Day 2015 approaching, the Bay Area can expect to see plenty of police officers gearing up to dish out DUI tickets to unsuspecting drivers. One of the police’s favorite tactics is setting up DUI checkpoints around the city. However, it turns out that DUI checkpoints aren’t really as effective as they turn out to be. Although the Supreme Court has ruled that checkpoints are allowed (Michigan v. Sitz), there is concrete evidence that they actually don’t do anything to affect the number of DUI arrests made. In fact, they may result in more harm then good due to drivers attempting evasive maneuvers in order to avoid the checkpoint.

The average success rate for most DUI checkpoints is hovering at or under 1%. So why continue conducting DUI checkpoints? It is definitely to increase the number of citations issued for other driving offenses. For example, driving on a suspended license, no proof of insurance, and no proof/expired registration. DUI checkpoints also serve as a warrant check. Every time the police run a name at a DUI checkpoint, they are also checking for any active bench warrants in criminal and child support cases. Far more people are cited for other driving offenses at DUI checkpoints rather than actual DUI’s.

With increasing hostility between the police and average citizens, it is shocking that this version of “papers please” is still going on. A good traffic attorney knows the criteria for a checkpoint stop to be valid. For example, the location of the checkpoint, the behavior of the offices involved, and whether the driver exhibited the required signs of intoxication before the officer orders them to pull over.

If you or a loved one is stopped at a DUI checkpoint under suspicion of being intoxicated, or cited for any other offense, call the attorneys at Ticket Crushers. We are experienced in DUI defense, and know the proper challenges to be made when it comes to DUI checkpoints.

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