Dmv Sets Aside Two Dui License Suspensions After Ticket Crushers Files Writs

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Chris D'Anjou, John Stanko, Ticket Crushers

Chris D'Anjou Ticket Crushers

The first question on your mind is what the hell is a writ? The legal profession likes to use old Latin terms, and writ is just one of many. Writ is a fancy way for a court to order or command a person or entity to do or abstain from doing something. After an individual is arrested on suspicion of DUI, the DMV has the authority to suspend that individual’s privilege to drive. The driver is entitled to a DMV hearing in front of a DMV hearing officer, but what happens if you lose the DMV hearing? A driver has the option after a DMV hearing to file what is called a Writ of Administrative Mandamus. By filing the writ, you are asking a court to reverse the decision of the DMV.

Managing Partner Chris D’Anjou filed two separate writs of mandate after two hard fought DMV hearings by managing attorney John Stanko. Mr. Stanko created a strong DMV hearing record that allowed Mr. D’Anjou to prepare powerful legal arguments that showed the deficiencies in the underlying administrative decision to suspend our clients’ respective licenses to drive. As a result of our actions, the DMV agreed to set aside the suspensions. We all hear the saying, “you can’t fight city hall.” It may feel that way dealing with the California DMV, but at Ticket Crushers we believe in fighting to win. Holding true to our principles resulted in great results for our clients.
Here, at Ticket Crushers, we are committed to the core values of collaboration and teamwork. By committing to our core values, we are able to consistently provide our clients with the best services and desirable outcomes. Chris and John were able to collaborate on the strategies that ultimately led to the great results for the firm’s clients. Filing a writ is not for the faint of heart. Contact an experienced attorney at Ticket Crushers for a more in depth consultation for your specific legal needs.

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Updated: 10/11/2023