DMV Forced To Change “Their” Rules For Wearing Too Many Hats

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DMV Administrative Hearings

For many of us, the thought of dealing with the California DMV brings many emotions, most of them negative. It’s in the category of going to the dentist. On April 15, 2022, in a rare rebuke of the DMV bureaucratic monster, a court has told the monster that it has to play nice and by the rules.

At Ticket Crushers, our attorneys handle “Administrative Per Se” hearings (APS / Admin Per Se Hearings) for clients who have received a DUI. A driver who receives a DUI is entitled to a hearing by the DMV to determine whether their license should be suspended for the DUI arrest. Ticket Crusher attorneys have achieved success at these hearings against a very stacked deck. Prior to the court ruling, the DMV hearing officer acted as an investigator, advocate for the DMV, and the final fact finder. It is like having the District Attorney also be the judge at a court hearing. On April 15, 2022, the court said no more to the APS Kangaroo Court.

The outcome of the ruling should be a fairer hearing, but in classic DMV bumbling, the DMV now has “DMV Advocates” and “Hearing Officers” in an attempt to appear impartial. Of course, the advocates are not attorneys, and it brings up new questions regarding the presentation of evidence, and whether this is just window dressing for the same problem. Expect Ticket Crushers attorneys to continue to challenge Kangaroo Court well into the future. Your Ticket Crusher attorneys will continue to jump through hoops, so you won’t have to.

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