Crusher Spotlight: Ticket Crushers Triumphs In Case Appealed To California Supreme Court



In a case of true collaboration, 

The firm’s client was a commercial driver accused of speeding. The client contested the citation by a trial by written declaration and lost. The client then retained our services, and we appeared at a trial de novo (new trial). At trial, the officer failed to provide essential evidence required by law, which the Defense pointed out to the court. However, the trial court still ruled in favor of the officer. Our Firm immediately appealed, and won the appeal. The District Attorney then petitioned to have the case overturned by a higher appeals court. The petition was denied. The District Attorney then sought review from the California Supreme Court, which was summarily denied.

The decision to appeal a case is not always easy. It is an added expense, and there is no assurance that the case will go in your favor. Even when an appeal goes in your favor, the other side can still continue to fight against you as what occurred in this situation. This can make an appeal sound rather unappealing. The attorneys at Ticket Crushers are always ready to fight to win, and make the “unappealing” appealing! It was worth the fight.

Associate attorney Erica Auer prepared the triumphant appeal.

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Updated: 04/10/2024