Addressing The Rise of Illegal Street Racing, Sideshows & Street Takeovers: A Legal Perspective

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Two do-gooders in Congress have done what the government does best….not much. U.S. Representatives Michelle Steel and Brittany Pettersen recently introduced H.R. 6224, known as the They’re Fast, We’re Furious Act of 2023. This bipartisan bill aims to establish a Street Racing Prevention and Intervention Task Force under the FBI to go after street racing and sideshows.

At first glance, that sounds like a great idea. Illegal street racing and sideshows have caused many injuries, and even unnecessary deaths over the years. And every time you open Instagram or TikTok, you see street takeovers that can’t be pleasant for members of the community.

So what does this bill actually accomplish? After reading the entire thing, as a lawyer, I can safely say this bill does nothing beyond what local law enforcement already does. Establishing task forces, and getting the FBI involved in order to develop a report on the effects of sideshows and street racing will not save lives, or stop these activities.

As it stands right now, local police agencies in cities that have sideshows and races are fully equipped to handle them. We know this because our firm regularly gets clients that have been arrested for exhibition of speed!

The solution isn’t a task force, it is more enforcement. If you or someone you know gets cited or arrested for being involved in a sideshow or race, there are ways to avoid the penalties that come along with it. We successfully avoid the points, the license suspensions, and even the criminal record that result from an arrest.

If you’d like to read the bill yourself, follow this link:

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Updated: 01/24/2024